Science Gallery

Science Gallery Detroit is part of Michigan State University, and illustrates the university’s commitment to public engagement and learning. Science Gallery Detroit produces an annual exhibition and several programs year-round that merge science and art. All programs and exhibitions are free and open to the public. The gallery currently operates in pop-up fashion. For the latest events and updates visit:

Science Gallery

Our Partners

Global Science Gallery Network

Both events and exhibitions act as a source of inspiration to engage audiences in connective, participative, and surprising ways. Though open to all, the gallery aims to reach young adults ages 15-25, by producing creative spaces that share ground-breaking research alongside ideas from worlds of design, art, science, and technology. Science Gallery Detroit is part of the innovative engine of the Global Science Gallery Network, comprised of galleries worldwide: Dublin, London, Melbourne, Bengaluru, Venice, Rotterdam, and Atlanta.

Our Process

Founded in 2017, Science Gallery Detroit is an initiative of Michigan State University and our nation’s first member of the prestigious, international Science Gallery Network. Science Gallery Detroit aligns with MSU’s goal to create the next generation of public engagement and learning to support the university’s land-grant mission. As such, Science Gallery Detroit serves as a bridge between MSU and the diverse communities of Detroit. A place-based, informal, and interdisciplinary learning space, Science Gallery Detroit reaches audiences in ways that diverge from more traditional university methods and programs. Further, it leverages dialog and collaboration to bring together university research groups, staff, students, the creative community, and the general public.

Project Team

  • Devon Akmon, director
  • Mark Sullivan, creative director
  • Antajuan Scott, head of programming
  • Caroline White, education and learning manager
  • Natasha Miller, community engagement manager
  • Talitha Johnson, communications manager


Science of Grief Web-Event

This year saw Science Gallery Detroit expand in significant ways. Our second exhibition, DEPTH, was bigger in every way—more exhibits, more programming, more people impacted (30K), and higher quality outcomes. Our programming outside of DEPTH was also well-attended and well-received. We are providing learning experiences in Detroit that are unique, compelling, and impactful. We’ve followed up a successful exhibition season with community programming with our annual STEAM Engine Poetry Slam and Science of Grief Program.