Spartan Studios

Spartan Studios ties together human-centered design methods and curricular reform to incorporate student, faculty, and Hub designer perspectives for the purpose of re-imagining interdisciplinary major-based courses. Students design and implement their own creative solutions to real, identified problems across communities. The success of this project contributes to collaborative and sustained teaching and learning efforts at MSU.

Spartan Studios is a signature transformational teaching and learning experience. We are designing team-taught studios where undergraduate students and faculty across majors–along with industry and community partners–co-create solutions that address complex contemporary problems. Building on experiences with for-credit and co-curricular experiential learning (e.g. Hacking the Major and iOS Studio), we are now creating and scaling prototypes to deliver impactful, project-based, interdisciplinary learning on campus. We seek to meet the needs and interests of students and faculty for collaborative solutions-oriented learning from multiple disciplines and units on MSU’s campus. Simultaneously, we seek to develop contact zones for social innovation in collaboration with industry, government, and community partners.

Our Process:

To deliver on the promise of experiential learning at scale, we’ll work closely with students, faculty, and administrative stakeholders to identify strong pathways to transformative outcomes. Our design inquiry includes research with all relevant stakeholders and planning for sustainable implementation by aligning this work with existing MSU structures. With contributions from pilot partners, we will produce a toolkit for faculty professional development that outlines approaches to teaching, partnerships, assessment, and scholarship. We also investigate data from pilot and new courses to refine our framework for transformative experiential learning. Each deliverable moves MSU toward accessible and sustainable opportunities for transformative learning.