The iOS Design Lab

MSU is partnering with Apple to offer students a challenge based app development experience that empowers them to address real user needs in their communities on campus and beyond. The Hub and MSU College of Arts and Letters are developing a cohort-based curriculum that enables students to practice teamwork and creativity while developing design, coding, and marketing skills.

The iOS Design Lab provides students with a space to create, share, and impact their communities by solving challenges through app development while learning the basics of Swift coding, app design, and app marketing. Through a challenge-based curriculum focused on creativity, design, and teamwork, the one-year, cohort-based experience is an opportunity for students to explore and practice sociotechnical 21st-century skills while connecting with partners on campus and beyond.   

students around a table during an iOS design course


This experience is conducted in collaboration with the College of Arts and Letters. 

Our Process:

The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology worked with Apple to realize a conceptual vision for the iOS Design Lab starting in April 2018. Following human-centered design research practices, the Hub conducted series of focus groups with students, along landscape analyses, and extensive literature reviews in relation to experiential learning opportunities around coding, design, and entrepreneurship in app development. The first iteration of the iOS Design Lab was launched in Fall 2018 with a cohort of 20 students. Relying on student feedback for its second iteration, the curriculum has been revised and refined to better meet student needs, and applications for the second cohort was available in April

Project Team and Instructors:

  • Co-lead on the project: Scott Schopieray (CAL)
  • Instructors: Scott Schopieray (CAL), Sarah Gretter (Hub), Dan Trego (CAL), Anderson Day (undergraduate student in XA). 


The Hub is in the process of analyzing data collected throughout the year about student experiences in the lab. The data will further inform curricular changes for next year. The Hub is also currently seeking campus or community partners interested in collaborating with the iOS Design Lab around projects. For more information, please contact Sarah Gretter.