Student Success

These projects are part of a larger institutional effort, Michigan State University’s Student Success Initiative. MSU is committed to support the ongoing learning and persistence of its students and the belief that all undergraduate students can graduate. With this in mind, MSU has set the goal to increase our overall graduation rate to 82% by 2020.

As a part of achieving this goal, we are focused on closing opportunity gaps for lower-income, first-generation, and underrepresented minority student populations. Additionally, we are committed to helping our students reduce their time and cost of degree as they navigate the right academic path to grow their knowledge, pursue their passion, and discover their purpose.

MSU aspires to create a national model for students to be successful.

Math Quantitative Literacy

Math Quantitative Literacy

Informing future revisions of alternative math courses

Proactive Advising

Supporting the shift from being a reactive advising environment to becoming a proactive advising environment
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Student Success Analytics

Every student admitted to MSU has the capacity to graduate in a timely manner