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Questioning the Compliance Narrative

Could we begin to understand students as people who are interested in learning and growth for higher purposes beyond just compliance and grades?

I recently attended the 3rd annual Spring Conference on Student Learning and Success at MSU. The first year it ran, it was a joining of a couple of similar events across campus that previously had been taking place simultaneously. This year, there were more added to the party.

What is #iteachmsu ?

screenshot of the #iteachmsu homepage.

The #iteachmsu Commons is an initiative that has been in the making for almost five years, driven by educators, for educators. Initially, Melissa McDaniels of The Graduate School and a group of graduate Teaching Assistants launched “Inside Teaching MSU” as a space for graduate student educators to share their teaching ideas and learn from each other through workshops.

Introducing the #iteachmsu EdChat

A recap of the first ITMSU Twitter Chat, which took place on December 1st, 2016
By Erik Skogsberg and Sarah Gretter
This article was cross-posted at Inside Teaching MSU.

How do you connect people who are passionate about teaching and learning across a big institution like MSU?