Emilio Xavier Esposito

Head of Learning Analytics
Curious. Egalitarian. ️<3 Donuts

As the Head of Learning Analytics at the Hub, Emilio’s role is to develop, implement, and support a quantitative research practice for evidence-based practice in the classroom at MSU. Being data-centric and using data to understand what we know and do not know, he sees problems and solutions from multiple perspectives while striving for ideal outcomes. Emilio is a perpetual learner, drawn to projects outside of his areas of expertise, and appreciates the opportunity to learn about others’ work and interests.

Previously, Emilio worked as a computational chemist/biochemist and data scientist with projects varying from early-stage drug discovery to membership demographics analysis. He has worked at North Dakota State University, a computational chemistry and drug discovery software company in Montréal, and a contract research organization.

Emilio earned his Ph.D. in chemistry and biochemistry — focused on computational drug discovery — from Duquesne University, where he learned the importance of understanding the methodologies and their applications, along with always asking questions.

Emilio enjoys reading, walks with his family, and coffee and donuts.