Rashad Muhammad

Learning Experience Designer
Trainer. Complexity Buster. Magical moment collector.

They call him Rashad Muhammad, developer of technology-enhanced learning solutions. He can dance in a forest of complexity without being mired by the weeds. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunication focusing on Information Technology Systems and a Master of Arts degree in Educational Technology. He has played a key role in developing the training strategy for MSU’s HR and Financial systems, the campus-wide adoption of Zoom Webinar, and has worked in conjunction with MSU IT to promote instructional uses of technology. In the Hub, he is a key contributor on the AT&T Instructional Technology Competition, #iTeachMSU Teaching Commons, and Science Gallery Detroit. When he isn’t developing human-centered learning solutions, you may find him playing dominoes with your grandmother, dancing at your best friend’s cousin’s graduation party, playing in the park with his children, or trying to beat himself in a game of pool.

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